Sage "Ich liebe dich" mit diesen trendigen und stilvollen Kerzen!

Say "I love you" with these trendy and stylish candles!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you're looking for a creative and fun gift for your sweetheart, these candles are just what you need. Here are my favorites for Valentine's Day:
The legendary love of Aphrodite and Adonis:
Surely you have heard of these mythological figures: the goddess of beauty and her lover, a mortal youth of remarkable beauty, Adonis.
Female Body/Curvy Lady/Male Body:
These body candles are the best decoration for the bedroom and bathroom. Put your couple together and let them say "I love you" for you!
You have my heart:
How about giving your heart to your partner once again, but this time in the form of a candle?
Nothing says Valentine's Day like a teddybear.
Who needs a giant teddy bear when you can just get it as a candle! This cute teddy bear candle will help you say "I love you"!
Paar: Hug as a candle.
Gift Sets:
You love the candles and would like to give them in a set in a more stylish way with a price advantage?
Teddybear + Heart + Oval Tray Set
2 Hearts + Oval Tray Set
Female Body/Curvy Lady + Male Body + Oval Tray Set (can be customized as 2 Female Body/Curvy Lady or 2 Male Body).
 At the end of the day, Valentine's Day is about celebrating love, regardless of what you gift.
May you always have love in your life!